PoDoFo  0.9.4
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PoDoFo::PdfFilteredEncodeStream Class Reference
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Public Member Functions

 PdfFilteredEncodeStream (PdfOutputStream *pOutputStream, const EPdfFilter eFilter, bool bOwnStream)
virtual pdf_long Write (const char *pBuffer, pdf_long lLen)
virtual void Close ()
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pdf_long Write (const std::string &s)

Detailed Description

Create a filter that is a PdfOutputStream.

All data written to this stream is encoded using a filter and written to another PdfOutputStream.

The passed output stream is owned by this PdfOutputStream and deleted along with it.

Constructor & Destructor Documentation

PoDoFo::PdfFilteredEncodeStream::PdfFilteredEncodeStream ( PdfOutputStream pOutputStream,
const EPdfFilter  eFilter,
bool  bOwnStream 

Create a filtered output stream.

All data written to this stream is encoded using the passed filter type and written to the passed output stream which will be deleted by this PdfFilteredEncodeStream.

pOutputStreamwrite all data to this output stream after encoding the data.
eFilteruse this filter for encoding.
bOwnStreamif true pOutputStream will be deleted along with this filter

Member Function Documentation

virtual void PoDoFo::PdfFilteredEncodeStream::Close ( )

Close the PdfOutputStream. This method may throw exceptions and has to be called before the descructor to end writing.

No more data may be written to the output device after calling close.

Implements PoDoFo::PdfOutputStream.

virtual pdf_long PoDoFo::PdfFilteredEncodeStream::Write ( const char *  pBuffer,
pdf_long  lLen 

Write data to the output stream

pBufferthe data is read from this buffer
lLenthe size of the buffer

Implements PoDoFo::PdfOutputStream.