PoDoFo  0.9.4
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PoDoFo::PdfObjectStreamParserObject Class Reference

#include <PdfObjectStreamParserObject.h>

Public Member Functions

 PdfObjectStreamParserObject (PdfParserObject *pParser, PdfVecObjects *pVecObjects, const PdfRefCountedBuffer &rBuffer, PdfEncrypt *pEncrypt)

Detailed Description

A utility class for PdfParser that can parse an object stream object.

It is mainly here to make PdfParser more modular.

Constructor & Destructor Documentation

PoDoFo::PdfObjectStreamParserObject::PdfObjectStreamParserObject ( PdfParserObject pParser,
PdfVecObjects pVecObjects,
const PdfRefCountedBuffer rBuffer,
PdfEncrypt pEncrypt 

Create a new PdfObjectStreamParserObject from an existing PdfParserObject. The PdfParserObject will be removed and deleted. All objects from the object stream will be read into memory.

pParserPdfParserObject for an object stream
pVecObjectsadd loaded objecs to this vector of objects
rBufferuse this allocated buffer for caching
pEncryptencryption object used to decrypt streams