PoDoFo  0.9.4
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PoDoFo::PdfParserObject Class Reference

#include <PdfParserObject.h>

Inheritance diagram for PoDoFo::PdfParserObject:
PoDoFo::PdfObject PoDoFo::PdfTokenizer PoDoFo::PdfVariant PoDoFo::PdfXRefStreamParserObject

Public Member Functions

 PdfParserObject (PdfVecObjects *pCreator, const PdfRefCountedInputDevice &rDevice, const PdfRefCountedBuffer &rBuffer, pdf_long lOffset=-1)
 PdfParserObject (const PdfRefCountedBuffer &rBuffer)
void ParseFile (PdfEncrypt *pEncrypt, bool bIsTrailer=false)
bool HasStreamToParse () const
bool IsLoadOnDemand () const
void SetLoadOnDemand (bool bDelayed)
void SetObjectNumber (unsigned int nObjNo)
void FreeObjectMemory (bool bForce=false)
- Public Member Functions inherited from PoDoFo::PdfObject
 PdfObject ()
 PdfObject (const PdfReference &rRef, const char *pszType)
 PdfObject (const PdfReference &rRef, const PdfVariant &rVariant)
 PdfObject (const PdfVariant &var)
 PdfObject (bool b)
 PdfObject (pdf_int64 l)
 PdfObject (double d)
 PdfObject (const PdfString &rsString)
 PdfObject (const PdfName &rName)
 PdfObject (const PdfReference &rRef)
 PdfObject (const PdfArray &tList)
 PdfObject (const PdfDictionary &rDict)
 PdfObject (const PdfObject &rhs)
PdfObjectGetIndirectKey (const PdfName &key) const
PdfObjectMustGetIndirectKey (const PdfName &key) const
void WriteObject (PdfOutputDevice *pDevice, EPdfWriteMode eWriteMode, PdfEncrypt *pEncrypt, const PdfName &keyStop=PdfName::KeyNull) const
pdf_long GetObjectLength (EPdfWriteMode eWriteMode)
const PdfReferenceReference () const
PdfStreamGetStream ()
const PdfStreamGetStream () const
bool HasStream () const
PODOFO_NOTHROW bool operator< (const PdfObject &rhs) const
PODOFO_NOTHROW bool operator== (const PdfObject &rhs) const
void SetOwner (PdfVecObjects *pVecObjects)
PdfVecObjectsGetOwner () const
const PdfObjectoperator= (const PdfObject &rhs)
void FlateCompressStream ()
pdf_long GetByteOffset (const char *pszKey, EPdfWriteMode eWriteMode)
void DelayedStreamLoad () const
- Public Member Functions inherited from PoDoFo::PdfVariant
 PdfVariant ()
 PdfVariant (bool b)
 PdfVariant (pdf_int64 l)
 PdfVariant (double d)
 PdfVariant (const PdfString &rsString)
 PdfVariant (const PdfName &rName)
 PdfVariant (const PdfReference &rRef)
 PdfVariant (const PdfArray &tList)
 PdfVariant (const PdfDictionary &rDict)
 PdfVariant (const PdfData &rData)
 PdfVariant (const PdfVariant &rhs)
bool IsEmpty () const
void Clear ()
EPdfDataType GetDataType () const
const char * GetDataTypeString () const
bool IsBool () const
bool IsNumber () const
bool IsReal () const
bool IsString () const
bool IsHexString () const
bool IsName () const
bool IsArray () const
bool IsDictionary () const
bool IsRawData () const
bool IsNull () const
bool IsReference () const
void Write (PdfOutputDevice *pDevice, EPdfWriteMode eWriteMode, const PdfEncrypt *pEncrypt=NULL) const
virtual void Write (PdfOutputDevice *pDevice, EPdfWriteMode eWriteMode, const PdfEncrypt *pEncrypt, const PdfName &keyStop) const
void ToString (std::string &rsData, EPdfWriteMode eWriteMode=ePdfWriteMode_Clean) const
void SetBool (bool b)
bool GetBool () const
void SetNumber (long l)
pdf_int64 GetNumber () const
void SetReal (double d)
double GetReal () const
const PdfStringGetString () const
const PdfNameGetName () const
const PdfArrayGetArray () const
PdfArrayGetArray ()
const PdfDictionaryGetDictionary () const
PdfDictionaryGetDictionary ()
const PdfReferenceGetReference () const
const PdfDataGetRawData () const
PdfDataGetRawData ()
const PdfVariantoperator= (const PdfVariant &rhs)
bool operator== (const PdfVariant &rhs) const
bool operator!= (const PdfVariant &rhs) const
bool IsDirty () const
void SetImmutable (bool bImmutable)
bool GetImmutable () const
- Public Member Functions inherited from PoDoFo::PdfTokenizer
virtual bool GetNextToken (const char *&pszToken, EPdfTokenType *peType=NULL)
bool IsNextToken (const char *pszToken)
pdf_long GetNextNumber ()
void GetNextVariant (PdfVariant &rVariant, PdfEncrypt *pEncrypt)

Protected Member Functions

virtual void DelayedLoadImpl ()
virtual void DelayedStreamLoadImpl ()
void ParseStream ()
- Protected Member Functions inherited from PoDoFo::PdfObject
void EnableDelayedStreamLoading ()
PdfStreamGetStream_NoDL ()
- Protected Member Functions inherited from PoDoFo::PdfVariant
void AssertMutable () const
void SetDirty (bool bDirty)
void DelayedLoad () const
void EnableDelayedLoading ()
PODOFO_NOTHROW bool DelayedLoadDone () const
const PdfDictionaryGetDictionary_NoDL () const
PdfDictionaryGetDictionary_NoDL ()
const PdfArrayGetArray_NoDL () const
PdfArrayGetArray_NoDL ()
- Protected Member Functions inherited from PoDoFo::PdfTokenizer
void GetNextVariant (const char *pszToken, EPdfTokenType eType, PdfVariant &rVariant, PdfEncrypt *pEncrypt)
EPdfDataType DetermineDataType (const char *pszToken, EPdfTokenType eType, PdfVariant &rVariant)
void ReadDictionary (PdfVariant &rVariant, PdfEncrypt *pEncrypt)
void ReadArray (PdfVariant &rVariant, PdfEncrypt *pEncrypt)
void ReadString (PdfVariant &rVariant, PdfEncrypt *pEncrypt)
void ReadHexString (PdfVariant &rVariant, PdfEncrypt *pEncrypt)
void ReadName (PdfVariant &rVariant)
void QuequeToken (const char *pszToken, EPdfTokenType eType)

Additional Inherited Members

- Static Public Member Functions inherited from PoDoFo::PdfTokenizer
static PODOFO_NOTHROW bool IsWhitespace (const unsigned char ch)
static PODOFO_NOTHROW bool IsDelimiter (const unsigned char ch)
static PODOFO_NOTHROW bool IsRegular (const unsigned char ch)
static PODOFO_NOTHROW bool IsPrintable (const unsigned char ch)
static PODOFO_NOTHROW int GetHexValue (const unsigned char ch)
- Static Public Attributes inherited from PoDoFo::PdfTokenizer
static const unsigned int HEX_NOT_FOUND = std::numeric_limits<unsigned int>::max()

Detailed Description

A PdfParserObject constructs a PdfObject from a PDF file. Parsing starts always at the current file position.

Constructor & Destructor Documentation

PoDoFo::PdfParserObject::PdfParserObject ( PdfVecObjects pCreator,
const PdfRefCountedInputDevice rDevice,
const PdfRefCountedBuffer rBuffer,
pdf_long  lOffset = -1 

Parse the object data from the given file handle starting at the current position.

pCreatorpointer to a PdfVecObjects to resolve object references
rDevicean open reference counted input device which is positioned in front of the object which is going to be parsed.
rBufferbuffer to use for parsing to avoid reallocations
lOffsetthe position in the device from which the object shall be read if lOffset = -1, the object will be read from the current position in the file.
PoDoFo::PdfParserObject::PdfParserObject ( const PdfRefCountedBuffer rBuffer)

Parse the object data for an internal object. You have to call ParseDictionaryKeys as next function call.

The following two parameters are used to avoid allocation of a new buffer in PdfSimpleParser.

This constructor is for internal usage only!
rBufferbuffer to use for parsing to avoid reallocations

Member Function Documentation

void PoDoFo::PdfParserObject::DelayedLoadImpl ( )

Load all data of the object if load object on demand is enabled. Reimplemented from PdfVariant. Do not call this directly, use DelayedLoad().

Reimplemented from PoDoFo::PdfVariant.

void PoDoFo::PdfParserObject::DelayedStreamLoadImpl ( )

Load the stream of the object if it has one and if loading on demand is enabled. Reimplemented from PdfObject. Do not call this directly, use DelayedStreamLoad().

Reimplemented from PoDoFo::PdfObject.

void PoDoFo::PdfParserObject::FreeObjectMemory ( bool  bForce = false)

Tries to free all memory allocated by this PdfObject (variables and streams) and reads it from disk again if it is requested another time.

This will only work if load on demand is used. If the object is dirty if will not be free'd.

bForceif true the object will be free'd even if IsDirty() returns true. So you will loose any changes made to this object.
See also
bool PoDoFo::PdfParserObject::HasStreamToParse ( ) const

Returns if this object has a stream object appended. which has to be parsed.

true if there is a stream
bool PoDoFo::PdfParserObject::IsLoadOnDemand ( ) const
true if this PdfParser loads all objects at the time they are accessed for the first time. The default is to load all object immediately. In this case false is returned.
void PoDoFo::PdfParserObject::ParseFile ( PdfEncrypt pEncrypt,
bool  bIsTrailer = false 

Parse the object data from the given file handle If delayed loading is enabled, only the object and generation number is read now and everything else is read later.

pEncryptan encryption dictionary which is used to decrypt strings and streams during parsing or NULL if the PDF file was not encrypted
bIsTrailerwether this is a trailer dictionary or not. trailer dictionaries do not have a object number etc.
void PoDoFo::PdfParserObject::ParseStream ( )

Starts reading at the file position m_lStreamOffset and interprets all bytes as contents of the objects stream. It is assumed that the dictionary has a valid /Length key already.

Called from DelayedStreamLoadImpl(). Do not call directly.

void PoDoFo::PdfParserObject::SetLoadOnDemand ( bool  bDelayed)

Sets wether this object shall be loaded on demand when it's data is accessed for the first time.

bDelayedif true the object is loaded delayed.
void PoDoFo::PdfParserObject::SetObjectNumber ( unsigned int  nObjNo)

Set the object number of this object. It is almost never necessary to use this call. It is only included for usage in the PdfParser.

nObjNothe new object number of this object