PoDoFo  0.9.4
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PoDoFo::PdfSignatureField Class Reference

#include <PdfSignatureField.h>

Inherits PoDoFo::PdfField.

Public Member Functions

 PdfSignatureField (PdfPage *pPage, const PdfRect &rRect, PdfDocument *pDoc)
void SetSignature (const PdfData &signatureData)
void SetSignatureReason (const PdfString &rsText)
void SetSignatureLocation (const PdfString &rsText)
void SetSignatureDate (const PdfDate &sigDate)
void AddCertificationReference (PdfObject *pDocumentCatalog, EPdfCertPermission perm=ePdfCertPermission_NoPerms)

Detailed Description

Signature field

Constructor & Destructor Documentation

PoDoFo::PdfSignatureField::PdfSignatureField ( PdfPage pPage,
const PdfRect rRect,
PdfDocument pDoc 

Create a new PdfSignatureField

Member Function Documentation

void PoDoFo::PdfSignatureField::AddCertificationReference ( PdfObject pDocumentCatalog,
EPdfCertPermission  perm = ePdfCertPermission_NoPerms 

Add certification dictionaries and references to document catalog.

pDocumentCatalogthe catalog of current document
permdocument modification permission
void PoDoFo::PdfSignatureField::SetSignature ( const PdfData signatureData)

Create space for signature

signatureDataString used to locate reserved space for signature. This string will be replaiced with signature.

Structure of the PDF file - before signing: <</ByteRange[ 0 1234567890 1234567890 1234567890]/Contents<signatureData> Have to be replaiced with the following structure: <</ByteRange[ 0 count pos count]/Contents<real signature ...0-padding>

void PoDoFo::PdfSignatureField::SetSignatureDate ( const PdfDate sigDate)

Date of signature

void PoDoFo::PdfSignatureField::SetSignatureLocation ( const PdfString rsText)

Set location of the signature

rsTextthe location of signature
void PoDoFo::PdfSignatureField::SetSignatureReason ( const PdfString rsText)

Set reason of the signature

rsTextthe reason of signature