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Download PoDoFo

February 2nd 2017

PoDoFo 0.9.5 podofo-0.9.5.tar.gz

MD5SUM 4751a6cf41250bea550a73ff960b7228 podofo-0.9.5.tar.gz

Requirements to compile PoDoFo:

Architecture of PoDoFo

PoDoFo OpenSuSE nightly builds are available in mrdocs's repository.

Download PoDoFoBrowser

Jul 3rd 2007

PoDoFoBrowser 0.5 podofobrowser-0.5.tar.gz

Requirements to compile PoDoFoBrowser:

PoDoFoBrowser 0.5 precompiled for Win32 podofobrowser-0.5-r1-win32-bin.zip

PoDoFoBrowser OpenSuSE nightly builds are available in mrdocs's repository.

Download from Subversion

June 6th 2016

The most recent versions of PoDoFo and PoDoFoBrowser are available from our subversion server. These versions are under heavy development and maynot work always correctly.

To checkout PoDoFo run:

  svn co http://svn.code.sf.net/p/podofo/code/podofo/trunk podofo
To compile PoDoFo run:
  mkdir podofo-build
  cd podofo-build
  cmake ../podofo
  make install

PoDoFoBrowser has been rewritten for Qt 4 and PoDoFo 0.5.0 . It has a new user interface with some significant improvements and has benefited from the recent enhancements made to PoDoFo.

You do not need an existing PoDoFo install for PoDoFoBrowser trunk. It will automatically check out the recommended vesion of PoDoFo when you check out PoDoFoBrowser, and you should use that version to build PoDoFoBrowser with unless you have a reason to do otherwise. The README explains in more detail.

You can get the latest PoDoFoBrowser development version from:

The most recent stable version is 0.5.0:

Both require Qt version 4.2 or newer to be installed. Qt 4 is a free download for Windows and Mac OS X, and is packaged by most recent Linux distros.

To compile PoDoFoBrowser run:

  mkdir podofobrowser-build
  cd podofobrowser-build
  cmake ../podofobrowser
  make install

If you have problems compiling PoDoFo or PoDoFoBrowser please contact our mailinglist.