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There are various ways to get help if you have a problem with PoDoFo. Feel free to use the offered ways of support to report bugs, feature requests or wishes.


Questions on PoDoFo as well as bug reports or feature requests should be send first to our mailinglist podofo-users@lists.sourceforge.net. You can also search the mailing list archives. You subscribe to the mailinglist here.

Bug Tracker

Please report any bugs, issues or feature requests related to the PoDoFo libraries, tools or PoDoFoBrowser to the bug tracker at https://sourceforge.net/apps/mantisbt/podofo/main_page.php.

API Documentation

If you intend to develop using PoDoFo your main source of information will be the PoDoFo API documentation (PDF version for offline reading). The API documentation is of course included in the PoDoFo source tarball, too. To generate the documentation doxygen is required. Run

make documentation
in the podofo directory after extracting the tarball to create the HTML and PDF API reference.


Currently there is one example application available for PoDoFo. The Hello World example can be found in the PoDoFo source distribution in the examples directory.

It can be used as a cmake template for your project using PoDoFo and as a help to understand how to create PDF documents using PoDoFo.

The fully documented source code can be read online. It creates a PDF document with one page and draws the string Hello World! on the page.

PDF Reference

If you intend to work with PDF files you might want to read the PDF reference which is freely published on the internet by Adobe. Especially if you are using PoDoFo for parsing PDF files, a basic understanding of the object structure in a PDF file or knowledge about the basic datatypes is very important. These information can be founnd in the PDF reference.