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This page lists information on selected tools written using PoDoFo


These commandline tools are part of the PoDoFo library and provide several useful operations to work with PDF files.

podofoboxThe podofobox tool can set the media,crop,bleed,trim and art box on pages of a PDF file.
podofocountpagesCounts the number of pages in a pdf files.
podofocropCrops every page in a PDF file to its bounding box.
podofoencryptEncrypts PDF files using RC4 or AES encoding and can set PDF security settings.
podofoimg2pdfConvert images to PDF files.
podofoimgextract Extract all images from a PDF file.
podofoimposeA powerful PDF imposition tool.
podofoincrementaProvides information about incremental updates in PDF files.
podofomergeCan merge several PDF files to one PDF file.
podofopagesCan move and delete pages in a PDF document.
podofopdfinfoGives various information of a PDF file.
podofotxt2pdfConvert plain text to PDF files.
podofotxtextractExtract all text from a PDF file
podofouncompressUncompress PDF files.
podofoxmpModify or extract XMP information from a PDF


PoDoFoBrowser is a graphical browser and editor for the object structure of PDF files. Downloads can be found here and a screenshot below.